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Our mission and inner most desire is to aid ALL PEOPLE in cultivating knowledge, personal power and inner harmony. Tai Chi is the key, the door is in front of you, enter.

Cultivating your energy allows you to say what you want to say; go where you want to go and be who YOU want to be with clear intent and a passionate heart.

If you have ever wanted to say something but couldn’t. Wanted to do something but were too afraid because of what others might think. There are many benefits of tai chi and has a number of resources that can help you change.

“You create yourself and your world with your actions and words acting as paint and a brush, painting on the canvas of your days and nights.”

Master Peter Hill

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I Transcended Liver Cancer

{ Posted on May 09 2023 by admin }
Categories : Uncategorized
by Debbie Delara This is a testament of how the power and intense ability of energy such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Chakra therapy and meditation can be applied to get a miraculous result. About 3 years ago I became very ill, ...Read More »

The Animal Inside Me

{ Posted on Apr 13 2023 by admin }
by Gail Cross, Level 4 Animals are amazing. Each species has its own characteristics and its own way of harmonizing with the world around it. They sense activity and energy all around them and act or react according to their ...Read More »

Take the Stress vs Happiness Challenge

{ Posted on Apr 11 2023 by admin }
I have had the honor to teach a large cross section of our great population: students from elementary, jr high and high school, college students and life long learning programs with students in their 40's through 90's, professionals ranging ...Read More »

Tai Chi Meditation | Movements, Thoughts & Breath

{ Posted on Apr 04 2023 by admin }
Meditation is an oft misunderstood concept and art. It has been popularized and demonized in a vast array of literature, myth and non-fictional sources. The truth is much simpler and yet it's depth is endless. The word 'meditation' means to 'be ...Read More »

Revitalize Your Range of Motion

{ Posted on Mar 16 2023 by admin }
One of the biggest concerns facing seniors is the decrease in ROM (Range of Motion). The S.T.A.R. (Seniors Transcending and Revitalizing) is a Fundational Tai Chi Program created with the purpose of helping seniors maintain and increase their current ROM ...Read More »

Yoga’s Offspring – Qi Gung and Tai Chi

{ Posted on Mar 14 2023 by admin }
Categories : Yoga
Yoga is an immensely popular art that integrates a holistic blend of fitness tools including flexibility, mental calmness, nutrition, emotional balancing and more. Yoga has birthed a variety of styles based on one's goals and one's fitness philosophy but one ...Read More »

Harmony with Tai Chi

{ Posted on Mar 09 2023 by admin }
Categories : Harmony
How many of us would like to achieve our goals? Get what we want, but more importantly want what we get? How many of us would like to help ourselves and others? How many of us would like to have ...Read More »

Late Night Lesson

{ Posted on Mar 09 2023 by admin }
Categories : Uncategorized
Mark was studying late and decided around 1 A.M. to go out for some late night grub at a 24 hour fast food drive through. After ordering at the window, the teenage girl inside repeated his order and gave him ...Read More »

In the Grey Zone with Tai Chi

{ Posted on Mar 09 2023 by admin }
Categories : Uncategorized
Nogales is a border town bridging Arizona and Mexico. A popular place for both tourists and residents of Arizona since you can drive over for the day, barter for all kinds of hand made art, rugs, crafts, etc, get much ...Read More »

Win with Composure

{ Posted on Mar 09 2023 by admin }
Categories : Uncategorized
“The way to defeat a raging, charging opponent is with great composure.” Musashi Thomas was a stoic individual who epitomized the Chinese martial adage that “a warrior is known not by how much he can give but how much he can ...Read More »