8 Verses of Brocade Download


This Qigong set develops a number of Tai Chi principles including splitting, rootedness, cultivating the tree of life and connecting the core”. Brocade helps to develop a solid yet pliable structure and has been used as a rehabilitative set.

“Moss struggles to grow in a raging river.”

A brocade is a very expensive cloth, this is a metaphor for your body which is like the brocade, priceless and something you should treasure.

Tai Chi movements aid in building muscle strength and endurance. Use brocade stretches to develop more power for everyday errands and use brocades strength building isometrics to improve skill, control and accuracy in any sport or strength related field.

Tai Chi manipulates the body to increases blood flow, rejuvenate and boost the operation of your 3 vital organs; Lungs, heart and kidney.

Part 1
Support the Sky
Shoot the Bow
Splitting Palms
Energy Pack
Part 2
Tiger sits on Rock
Blowing Bellows
Hit the Tree/Split the Sky
Connect the Core

Soften your body with this powerful yet gentle exercise. Low impact aerobic exercise will increase blood flow and strengthen your body. Who thought you could workout with no forceful, taxing exercise equipment.



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