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Level 1 – Beginner

Investing in yourself and  VALUE yourself. My beginner course teaches you to be  aware of your strengths & weaknesses and how various exercises, foods, situations and people can either empower or weaken you.

Lesson #1 – Tai Chi Theories and Concepts
This video explains the fundamental principles related to Tai Chi and how applying its ideologies will benefit all your body systems. Tell Me More »

Lesson #2 – 5 Organ Set
This Qigong set is great for improving circulation and giving the organs more space and increased efficiency. Tell Me More »

Lesson #3 – 5 Centering Set
This Qigong set helps to develop one’s “Center” for increased balance, flexibility and strength. Tell Me More »

Lesson #4 – 8 Verses of Brocade
This Qigong set develops a number of Tai Chi principles including “splitting, rootedness, cultivating the tree of life and connecting the core”. Tell Me More »

Lesson #5 – 8 Essentials Set
This Qigong set includes energy building exercises and dispersal exercises to integrating body, mind and breath. Tell Me More »

12 Tao Yin Qigong
This series teaches you exercises to cultivate flexibility and strength and are the most complex and challenging of the Level One Qigong sets. Tell Me More »

Level 2
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Level 3
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Tai Chi Theories & Concepts ONLY


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“Thanks again very much! I can’t tell you how useful all the information you have provided is. I have invested a *lot* of money on tons of Tai Chi & Qigong) DVDs -but the things I have used from your site truly are the most useful by far.”
Starting with the Five Centering Set all the way to the five verses of brocada.

These excersises