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Tai Chi fitness programs have been proven to improve health, fitness and to reduce stress.

“My progressive Tai Chi videos start with the fundamentals of Tai Chi.”

All of the Tai Chi Download’s & DVD’s found on this website can be adapted to fit any level based on the goals of the individual during their program. Whether you’re a youthful senior, busy professional or motivated martial art student; you will benefit from these progressive educational fitness videos.

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Here’s what some of my students have said about my G.E.T. I.T. Integrated Arts Program.

“I used to dream about finding a program like this and then I literally walked in and it changed my life forever. It continues to help me evolve and grow as I cultivate and test my knowledge, power and love everyday.”

Jennifer McCarthy
Wellness Coordinator

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“I trained in tai chi for a year but it wasn’t until I started training with Peter Hill’s g.e.t.i.t. integrative arts tai chi program that i finally felt the integration between my mind and body start to actualize. I am amazed at how these seemingly simple exercises have had such a profound effect on my physical, emotional and mental balance.”

Rev. William Martin
Pastoral Counselor
Author “The Art of Pastoring”

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Tai Chi is a very unique and low impact martial art. Tai Chi is used world wide as a form of meditation equal to that of Yoga all while strengthening and building your bodies power. It is also a very effective form of self-defense that helps you center energy, control your body and protect your being.

Sample Video – What is Tai Chi?

The Structure Of These Videos Make Them Easy To Learn.

Come and explore the tremendous power that resides in your body, mind and spirit and to use it as a positive force for good, greatness and love in your community and in the world!

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“My video program incorporates everything from a very basic level of low impact movements and breathing to a highly advanced art form and means of self defense. – Peter”