Tai Chi for Seniors


(Seniors Transcending and Revitalizing)

This FUNdational Tai Chi Program teaches essential concepts and breathing that are revitalizing and empowering for anyone with movement challenges and wish to cultivate vitality, energy and spirit into their senior years. Enhances mental, emotional and physical health.


The S.T.A.R. and B.E.A.M. programs provide a venue for learning and  teaching or sharing these arts through the utilization of western physiology, physics, psychology, and other health sciences AND have FUN in the process!

The S.T.A.R. Video
- Almost full 30 minute video
- Educational and informative
- Low impact training for Seniors.

These two practices are progressive exercise programs based on the Chinese arts of TaiChi and Chi Gung (energy work). These ancient arts are well known for their vitality and health producing benefits but language, culture and misunderstandings have made them challenging for westerners to embrace and learn.

“Tai Chi for Seniors not only help me maintain mobility but it saved my life. While sitting in my car in a grocery store parking lot I was approached by an aggressive young male wanting my keys, because of my Tai Chi training I instinctively backhanded the man in the face and he fell down stunned then he got up and ran off. My reaction was a result of my Tai Chi for seniors training.”


An older man who took these exercise classes but always came to class with a cane, after only a few months he was coming without it. When asked, “Where’s your cane?”, He laughed and said, “I don’t need it anymore since I’ve been doing all these crazy exercises!”

S.T.A.R. and B.E.A.M. allow you to have a variety of progressive exercise tools for those who are stuck in bed, to those who are using wheelchairs and walkers to those who are active and fit. An activities director attending a National Association on Aging gathering and presentation workshop said “At last I finally experienced an exercise program I feel I and my staff can comfortably use for our residents and I felt much more energized after the presentation.”

So for those of you who dread exercise and also for those who love it, now you both may experience and enjoy the magic of movement and breath Tai Chi has to offer!

It will enrich your life and the lives of those you serve!