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Our mission and inner most desire is to aid ALL PEOPLE in cultivating knowledge, personal power and inner harmony. Tai Chi is the key, the door is in front of you, enter.

Cultivating your energy allows you to say what you want to say; go where you want to go and be who YOU want to be with clear intent and a passionate heart.

If you have ever wanted to say something but couldn’t. Wanted to do something but were too afraid because of what others might think. There are many benefits of tai chi and has a number of resources that can help you change.

“You create yourself and your world with your actions and words acting as paint and a brush, painting on the canvas of your days and nights.”

Master Peter Hill

Newest Articles

Late Night Lesson

{ Posted on Mar 09 2023 by admin }
Categories : Uncategorized
Mark was studying late and decided around 1 A.M. to go out for some late night grub at a 24 hour fast food drive through. After ordering at the window, the teenage girl inside repeated his order and gave him ...Read More »

In the Grey Zone with Tai Chi

{ Posted on Mar 09 2023 by admin }
Categories : Uncategorized
Nogales is a border town bridging Arizona and Mexico. A popular place for both tourists and residents of Arizona since you can drive over for the day, barter for all kinds of hand made art, rugs, crafts, etc, get much ...Read More »

Win with Composure

{ Posted on Mar 09 2023 by admin }
Categories : Uncategorized
“The way to defeat a raging, charging opponent is with great composure.” Musashi Thomas was a stoic individual who epitomized the Chinese martial adage that “a warrior is known not by how much he can give but how much he can ...Read More »

Shaolin Tai Chi – The Five Elements

{ Posted on Mar 09 2023 by admin }
Categories : Uncategorized
The Shaolin Temple and tai chi are not often mentioned together but the roots of tai chi start with Ta Mo (Bodhidharma) bringing the 18 Hands of Lohan to the Temple around 500 AD. These chi gung movements also known ...Read More »

Be Prepared

{ Posted on Mar 09 2023 by admin }
Categories : Uncategorized
Scott called in the early afternoon and wanted to get some strategy on a "potentially bad situation." Scott was an experienced Black Belt. He was a bartender at the time, great people skills and he had been involved in a ...Read More »

Tai Chi Translated

{ Posted on Mar 09 2023 by admin }
Categories : Uncategorized
Grandmaster Li and I were speaking about chi one day and he expressed and elucidated me with his simple but practical explanation. “Although chi translates as energy into English, it is also known as ‘prana’ or ‘ki’. My ...Read More »

Be Tai Chi Warriors

{ Posted on Mar 09 2023 by admin }
Categories : Uncategorized
“Warriors create their mood”. That is an age old warrior slogan that goes against so much of what you hear on a daily basis: “You make me so mad”, “He infuriates me” and “She drives me crazy” Of course, I ...Read More »

Tai Chi Movements

{ Posted on Mar 09 2023 by admin }
Categories : How To Learn Tai Chi
The movements in Tai Chi are often soft and fluid and have poetic and mystical names like “ride the Tai Chi horse”, “fair lady works at shuttles” and “Shoot the bow”, yet when the movements are viewed from western exercise ...Read More »

At The Core Of Tai Chi You Will Find Many Levels Of Physical Fitness

{ Posted on Feb 08 2023 by admin }
People often think of Tai Chi as an art strictly used by seniors but Tai Chi has many layers and is a great form of exercise for all fitness levels. It is important to understand two of the main types ...Read More »

Tai Chi – The Five Elements

{ Posted on Dec 02 2023 by admin }
Categories : The Five Elements
What is commonly referred to as the Five Elements is better translated as the Five Phases, as they actually represent processes rather than actual physical objects. They are used throughout traditional Chinese science and medicine to describe actions that are ...Read More »