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Take the Stress vs Happiness Challenge

{ Posted on Apr 11 2023 by admin }
I have had the honor to teach a large cross section of our great population: students from elementary, jr high and high school, college students and life long learning programs with students in their 40's through 90's, professionals ranging ...Read More »

Tai Chi Meditation | Movements, Thoughts & Breath

{ Posted on Apr 04 2023 by admin }
Meditation is an oft misunderstood concept and art. It has been popularized and demonized in a vast array of literature, myth and non-fictional sources. The truth is much simpler and yet it's depth is endless. The word 'meditation' means to 'be ...Read More »

The Tao of Distance Learning (DL)

{ Posted on Sep 27 2023 by admin }
In the early days of martial arts training, a Master Instructor imparted the history, lineage and techniques of the martial arts in a very structured ritualized manner that included blind adherence and obedience to the Master and Style. Disobedience, questioning ...Read More »