Harmony with Tai Chi

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How many of us would like to achieve our goals? Get what we want, but more importantly want what we get? How many of us would like to help ourselves and others? How many of us would like to have fun and entertain others? Here is a simple three step process that anyone can do!

First step: Do your best!

Second step: Help others!

Third step: Have fun!

Each of these steps build momentum from each other and work synergistically.

Step one is the easiest concept but the hardest to practice. Doing your best! Discipline is the core of being the best you can be. Knowing your goals will help keep you focused. Practicing your techniques helps make them a part of your instinctual behavior. Persevere through the difficult and challenging times on your journey of self- discovery and physical development.

Step two: Help others! We should all remember the golden rule “Treat others as you would have them treat you.” In order to do that we must remain open to hear challenges. Stay respectful of the way others do things but help show and share infinite possibilities. Understand that others are responsible for their own thoughts, feelings, and actions; everybody must be loyal to themselves.

Finally, always remember to have fun on this wonderful journey called life. The most effective way to do that is to make sure what we do is as safe as nature can permit. Activities should be invigorating, challenging, and help test your limits. Once the effort is put forth one should feel uplifted, more alert, and centered.

By following this basic guide you should have a clearer sense of direction.

Hopefully, this will assist you as you continue to expand your knowledge.

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